Patreon Launch + Discord, Updates

Hi Everyone!

We here at Verdict Games would like to announce to everyone that we have launched a Patreon, and a Discord!

These will better allow us to engage with the community, as well as support the development of the game.

Those wishing to become a Patron can use the links on the store page, or this link here:

Everyone is free to join the Discord - but Patrons will receive special roles and access to unique and interesting channels, such as Developer Chat, Sneak Peaks and more!

Join the Discord below:

Additionally, I'd like to let everyone know that in the coming week, Patch 0.2a will launch!

Patch 0.2a is a precursor patch to 0.4a, but it still contains a lot of content that new and returning players alike should enjoy, including:

  • D&D Styled Skills and Race system
  • Lots of new, hidden content explorable via the new Skills system
  • Complete overhaul of Felodrift to improve performance
  • Many, many NPCs with new, custom art
  • New and improved conversation system
  • A variety of bug fixes and improvements

Thanks for your support!

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