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ABSENCE: Verdict of Silence is a traditional RPG at it's core. It combines aspects of simulation games, such as Relationship Building, Farming and Management, with the combat and exploration of a traditional Role Playing Game.  

- Gathering - 

There are a large number of gathering options available to the player including: Fishing, Exploration, Trade, Farming and Ranching.

- Battling - 

The world of Asalthana has no shortage of enemies to do battle with. The more you use certain skills the more powerful they become. This combined with experience levels and a custom talent tree system, allows for a huge number of potential play styles. 

- Discovery - 

Through utilising a classically styled quest system, in combination with  hidden dynamic objectives, the player will have the opportunity to find their own unique story path.  If you chose to explore the world,  you may stumble upon a trove of hidden secrets, you never know what you may find.

- Relationships -

Players can choose to present as either female, or male, and pursue a relationship with any character they choose. 

Companions in your party have their own agendas, thoughts and beliefs.  

Form rivalries, friendships or even romance as you write your own story through the decisions you make.

Buy gifts, complete unique story driven side quests, or simply engage in regular conversation to increase or decrease the bond you share.

The allies and enemies you choose may greatly effect your personal experience and story.

- Building -

As a fledgling adventurer, you are provided with little more than a basic camp. Through the decisions you make, you may be able to convert your humble camp into a Keep or perhaps, even a grand Castle. Unlock new vendors, NPCs, crafting points and more! You can choose to leave your camp as you find it, or invest time into converting it in to a bustling hub of activity.  

- Farming -

The world of Asalthana provides many opportunities for eager Farmers or Ranchers. If you choose to invest your time in building and maintaining a farm and/or ranch the rewards that you receive may be extremely valuable.  Players  can use their farm and/or ranch to grow crops and raise animals, both of which can be used either directly or as a component for more complicated crafting recipes.

- Crafting -

Players have a wide variety of crafting disciplines available to them right from the beginning of the game. Some crafting systems include: Item Augmentation, Gear Upgrading, Cooking, Furniture Craft, Building, Blacksmithing and more! The game includes an extensive, in-depth item system that allows for complex interactions in your creations.

 Craft new items, upgrade or combine them to give them powerful effects.

- Difficulty -

The world scales with you as you level, ensuring there is always an even balance of challenge and fun. However, the Dynamic Difficulty Scaling also provides a sense of progression by ensuring that creatures like Giant Rats will always be as strong (or as weak) as you'd expect them.

Choose to play as either a Male or Female!

Define your character by making meaningful decisions!

Build your character into a unique custom class!

Master skills like Cooking, Magic, Crafting and More!

The decisions you make have consequences that shape your relationships, your story, and even the very world of Asalthana!

The Land of Asalthana

Ruled by a pantheon of Gods, the Land of Asalthana is no stranger to war and conflict.  The power of the living Gods rings through every being in the lands. It echos the divinity of the ancients, like the a cacophonous chorus to an endless song. The inhabitants of Asalthana called this power the -

"Song of the Gods".

These Songs allow even the weakest being, the potential to bring fourth great powers. Such as chaos, healing and much more. Some inhabitants of Asalthana felt these powers needed to be controlled. They created a heinous rite called -

"The Verdict of Silence".

The Verdict of Silence severs a living being's spirit from the Chorus, in most cases killing them instantly and condemning them to eternity; trapped as a lost soul.

Kings would rise and fall after the introduction of "The Verdict of Silence". Yet none would be able to hold their reign for long. The only exception was one particularly gifted family whom fate conspired to lead the world. 

They reigned for more than three hundred years, until one fateful day, where our current story begins...

Please note that this is an Early Access Version of the Game.

The game is currently in active development. 

Some features/content are subject to change. 

This project is being actively worked on and is still in development, some features may be partially incomplete or inaccessible at the current time. Your direct feedback will help us greatly in determining which areas need improvement.

We are releasing our Early Access Alpha build of ABSENCE: Verdict of Silence with the aim of raising funds for further development.  If our funding goals are met it will enable us to deliver our planned content, as well as give us the opportunity to extended and build upon our current systems.

The more funds raised by ABSENCE: Verdict of Silence, the more content that can be created for the game. Please see the bottom of this post to see stretch goals/donations.

Thank you for your support!

- Improved Cutscenes for every Quest

- More New Quests

- Expansion Content

- Overhauled Crafting

- Supplementary Gathering System

- Improved Custom Base Building

- New NPC Recruitment system.

- Unique character busts for every NPC

- Friendship / Romance CGs

- Overhauled Tileset

- Custom Combat Sprites

Don't see a feature you'd like implemented in the game? 

Head over to our community page and let us know your thoughts!

By reaching certain monetary goals, we will be able to create more, and higher quality content. Money raised for the project will be put towards creating new assets for the game, as well as paying those who've worked on the game.

The more funds raised by ABSENCE: Verdict of Silence, the more content that can be created for the game. 

Already bought the game and or just want to help reach the stretch goals? 

Donate at the link below!

Thank you for your support, and Thank you for supporting indie games!

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64bit)

CPU: Intel Core I3 2.4ghz or better

RAM: 4GB or more


Graphics: DirectX 9 / OpenGL 4.1 capable GPU (at least 1GB VRAM)

Display: 1920 x 1080 ~ (Lower resolutions may suffer from an imperfect image)

ABSENCE: Verdict of Silence is currently in an Alpha Demo state; Meaning that while the game is mostly playable - some systems, features or content may still be missing or incomplete.

A purchase of ABSENCE: Verdict of Silence in this state entitles you to all future updates and content released without requiring a new purchase. The price of the full game will be higher for those who wait for the project to leave Early Access.

If you encounter any bugs, problems or would like to suggest a new idea or feature, or just provide feedback, please head over to the Discussion Forum.

Thank you!


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Version 1
ABSENCE: Verdict of Silence 0.2a (Windows) 858 MB
Version 1

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